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Best Smart Home Products in India 2019

Are you thinking to automate your home? This is the right place to be. Here you will find the best products available for your to-be Smart Home. This is the article you need to see for best Smart Home Products in India!


1. SONOFF SMART WiFi SWITCHBest smart home products in India

Product Features:

  1. Supports any WiFi network
  2. Supports live device status tracking (ON/OFF status)
  3. Remote ON/OFF any connected device/light
  4. Works with Amazon Echo & Google Home
  5. Supports schedule timer ON/OFF operation

Price: Approx. ₹320 (Free Shipping)

2. Xiaomi Youpin Smart Water Faucet With Infrared SensorSmart FaucetProduct Features:

  1. Ultra Small size
  2. Anti-Overflow
  3. Save more than 30% of water compared to normal faucets
  4. Comes with a Micro USB charging port of 3 Hours charging time
  5. Six types of connectors for easy installation

Price: Approx. ₹1200 (Incl. Shipping)

3. Smart Power Strip with USB PortsProduct Features:

  1. Works with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT
  2. Control each socket separately
  3. Set a schedule using the app

Price: Approx ₹1700 (Incl. Shipping)

4. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Kit

*This kit includes multiple products. 

Product Features:

  1. Multiple applications
  2. Capability to control your home from anywhere using Mi Home App
  3. Includes Smart Home Hub
  4. Ability to integrate with any Mi Home products

Price Range: Starts from ₹650


Product Features:

  1. Glass Touch Panel
  2. Option to buy from 1/2/3 Channel (Gang Box)
  3. Alexa and Google Home compatible
  4. Schedule Timer ON/OFF
  5. Control from App

Price: Starts from ₹950

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